A factory that once made Denmark’s classic Viking school pencils now contains a one-room hotel conceived by homeware brand Vipp.

The 90-square-metre hotel – which is aptly called Vipp Pencil Case – is situated on the factory’s ground floor and accessed via a sun-dappled courtyard.

Kitchen interior of Vipp Pencil Case hotel in Copenhagen
The hotel room is arranged around an open living and dining area

This is one of six hospitality spaces that Vipp has established for design-conscious travellers – others include Vipp Shelter, a pre-fab cabin nestled along the shores of Lake Immeln in Sweden, and Vipp Farmhouse, an 18th-century dwelling located in a rural pocket of Denmark’s Lolland island.

The interiors of Vipp Pencil Case is the work of Danish designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, who spent a year curating a neutral yet warm space that she felt sat comfortably within the industrial setting.

Kitchen interior of Vipp Pencil Case hotel in Copenhagen
Guests can gather around a large oak and stone dining table

At the heart of the hotel room is a light-filled living and dining area. To one side lies a powder-grey edition of Vipp’s V1 kitchen suite, where guests are invited to rustle up their own meals.

To the other side of the space is a large oak dining table with a Jura stone countertop, and a number of storage cabinets that hold extra crockery and cookware.

Bedroom interior of Vipp Pencil Case hotel in Copenhagen
The bedroom lies behind sliding doors

Woven baskets, ceramic vases and contemporary artworks have been dotted throughout as decoration.

“Vipp Pencil Case is not your average hotel room – more like a studio or atelier, it elicits an artistic ambience and holds a rare quietude in the heart of the Danish capital”, explained Mølsgaard.

Bedroom interior of Vipp Pencil Case hotel in Copenhagen
Paintings on the walls give the hotel an artsy studio feel

A set of tall sliding doors can be pushed back to reveal the bedroom, which has been dressed with a couple of marble-topped side tables and a plump white seating pouf.

Light streaming through the building’s expansive crittal-style windows is dampened by floor-to-ceiling Kvadrat curtains.

The wooden floorboards that feature here and throughout the rest of the hotel room are meant to nod to the materiality of Viking pencils, and the fact that the building also once served as a showroom for wooden flooring brand Dinesen.

The room also includes a sleek shower room that’s been almost entirely clad with jet-black tiles.

Bathroom interior of Vipp Pencil Case hotel in Copenhagen
A bathroom is clad in jet-black tiles

Viking’s former factory is located across the water from central Copenhagen on Island Brygge. This is not Vipp’s first intervention on site – late last year, the brand transformed another part of the factory into a supper club where chefs from around the world can host intimate dining experiences.

Its interiors were also designed by Mølsgaard, who filled the space with wooden furnishings and tactile rugs and cushions.

The photography is by Rasmus Hjortshøj.

source: dezeen.com