Chinese firm Cun-Design has transformed a typical suburban house in Beijing into a film production studio featuring glass and pre-rusted steel extensions.

Cun-Design was asked to oversee the refurbishment of the existing property in the Chinese capital’s Tongzhou District to create a new workspace for Blue Moon Films.

The detached house located on the bank of the Wen-Yu River in the east of the city was only built in the 1990s, but had already fallen into a state of disrepair.

The architects recognised that the house’s facades and structural framework could be retained and adapted, but sought to completely transform the cramped interior to give it a more modern feel.

“Our first impression on this house is that it is out of tune with today’s people and their way of living,” said Cun-Design. “We maintained its original structure during the renovation and formed a contrasting boundary between old and new within the project.”

The refurbishment began with the removal of all non-structural internal walls, resulting in more open and flexible spaces. Doors and windows were also removed to create uninterrupted circulation throughout the building.